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It is common to hear, as an explanation for misfortune, the phrase: "It will be the will of God."But who can believe that God desires evil for men? Who can think that he is punishing?Do not forget that God is your father. What parent, if your child asks for bread, will give him a stone? You know that the punishment comes from the conscience. If you find yourself waiting for the future, you may fill you insecurity, you list the faults that you feel in your life and you wonder "God can not give it to me all together?". It is time to know that God desires for you the Total Prosperity.God wants harmony, love, wisdom, wealth, intelligence, health, welfare, spiritual growth and all that you consider necessary for life. Everything is at your disposal. If you do not find you may see everything you want and, upon request to the Lord, mistake the order, omitting what you really need. You will find what you want, do not hesitate. Pronounce inside you sincerely this sentence: "I accept full prosperity in my life." It analyzes the claim and found his strength. You can be aware of every word. If the human body is ready to give new life, How can, then, a man, believing that God will deny you what you need ?. Perhaps you have forgotten the words: Divine Providence. If you think you are not worthy of the blessing that will be the Total Prosperity, mitigates your anxiety, with a small and simple act of repentance that will lighten your soul. So descend upon your being the Divine Light, the will and strength of God.Acuérdarte always that after a small act of repentance, will be worthy of all good, because you have understood that the most important thing is not what you have, but how much worth to God.Do not forget that the Creator gave his life to free men. You must choose how you want to live. Total prosperity means everything you need, and more, because God is always ready to offer something more. Dare to fulfill your dreams, it is a lie that "dreams are dreams". That is only for those who know Divine Love, for those who do not know themselves or the Creator. Forget about logic and methods. Call Him and his whole heavenly host. God is ready to give you what you deserve.


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