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The things we perceive are not objective . Our perception is a product of what allows us to recognize our wisdom . The wisdom of the soul is infallible. These texts are the fruit of this road constructed from a profound reflection of the questions we ask ourselves daily.

The pain does our experience , but generates it. For this, you need balance, that breathes in every line , in every paragraph and every story you'll read in these texts. Nothing can learn from them , but must open up our perception to the Divine. Everything starts from Him and to Him. So we suspect that wisdom was simple thing, which is inherent in them . The problem is being able to see ( and recognize ) as simple, the complexity of the universe, our universe. It is a simple exercise . It is decipher what we believe is "normal " in our lives . Signals . An unexpected kiss, a passage that is lost or a beautiful cat we found in our terrace.

Things we understand as "normal " is nothing more than a mathematical sacred ( holy gematria ) . Kabbalah teaches us a different view of the events of life, where nothing is out of place and each event leaves some wisdom . Sleeping eye for things just happen . Not wanting to understand these signals, many end up discarding them without seeing the Truth. Forgetting to extract the wisdom suggest events. These posts are proposing a change in attitude . We will no longer see, to start to watch.


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