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"Since that time, a gift, a special blessing that was hidden, was discovered by my."

I was born in Benevento Italy, and like many things in our lives, there was an event, something appeared before my very unexpectedly.

During a trip to my beloved land, I had a spiritual vision, an experience that can not erase from my mind and review daily finding new answers to new questions.

From that moment, a gift, a special blessing that was hidden, was discovered by me.

Already in Argentina, visiting the Virgin of Schoenstatt, I had a new revelation, the Archangel Michael had presented to me with a new message. There I realized that this was not for me, it was to share with all.

This blessing has allowed me to see the big picture, see beyond the obvious and like any blessing, it is my duty and my passion make it available to all who need this support in their lives.

I understand that the spiritual should not be something hidden or marginal, but the opposite. So I chose this format to be present through Prosperity All and accessible to all who seek to overcome their challenges and sometimes remain unanswered.

Every time we are more who understand that everything is light, and that the Universe constantly gives us opportunities to overcome obstacles that often we create ourselves, although we are not aware of this.

Prosperity All will find all our support, to achieve their personal challenges, their goals of business, (because the world of money also belongs to the Light and all comes from the same source), and everything that makes prosperity in our lives and generate the change of life that we are seeking.

Thank you and Blessings.


Communicate and agree to an interview via Skype, telephone or staff to understand their need .


Toda la información compartida es absolutamente confidencial.

Para los casos de requerimientos de empresas, en todos los casos se suscribe un NDA entre las partes para asegurar la confidencialidad de la información compartida.

Los datos de los testimonios indicados en esta página poseen autorización de las personas involucradas. 

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