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Todos somos Luz.

Todos tenemos la obligación de ser felices.

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<< All is light. Understand the workings of the universe and its laws, determine the success of our purposes in our material world. >>


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Money, like everything that exists, is a manifestation of Light.

From Prosperity All collaborate in achieving work objectives, new projects, large companies and other professional issues. All spirituality Prosperity is focused on helping to overcome obstacles and new challenges, Prosperity All can cause the change that needs your project or company.

Prosperity All has 20 years of experience and international experience with a different view to organize your company. Even from the inclusiveness of name, reason with the necessary strength to be successful.


Below we present some examples of the correct application of the name of the company.

SHELL: Company recognized worldwide for its emblem and name, logo is esoteric and energetic way to be successful.


Montedison: even if you do not know where the company is also sacred geometry and applied kabbalah correspond to your success.

PELE: The most famous football player in the world, who not coincidentally the name change. This name is one of the highest and most sacred names of God.


We analyze projects, and collaborate with business start ups and orient in the realization of new projects. We counseling to guide entrepreneurs and business managers in decision-making, recruitment, including the right identity of the company.

Business organization

Structure´s definitions, search for factors of internal conflict, weaknesses and problematic resources.
Planning, conducting and coordinating the organization. Definition of objectives, market analysis, etc.


Human Resourses

Selection of partners

Brand analysis, study name and symbology associated to find the right identity, power and vibration that the project requires.

Selection of the right people for the right position, in order to increase efficiency and performance of both staff and the company, as well as a successful organization is achieved.

A simple change of positions can mean a radical change in the operation and future of the company.


Energy analysis and corporate compatibilities that achieve the objectives proposed in the project, business or enterprise to realizary avoid future conflicts.



To simplify the hiring of our consulting services, we have designed three alternatives as needed. These alternatives respond to spiritual counseling to solve a single goal, or add to this the ongoing monitoring of a business, or analyzing and following a project or company on an ongoing basis.

Business spiritual study
Analysis of ways of solution
Professional Staff Counseling


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Communicate and agree to an interview via Skype, telephone or staff to understand their need .


All information shared is absolutely confidential . For cases of business requirements , all the parties NDA subscribes to ensure the confidentiality of information shared . Testimonies data listed on this page have permission of those involved .




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